Oluap, the Warrior (available only in Portuguese)
  • Oluap, the Warrior (available only in Portuguese)

    SKU: LV-L-00001

    Author: MARSAL, Paulo

    Illustrator: CATRUFO, Emílio

    ISBN: 978-85-67070-06-3

    Publisher: Dialogical Publisher - Opus Citatum

    Year: 2015

    Pages: 232

    Dimensions: 14x21cm

    • About Oluap, the Warrior

      The fictional romance Oluap, the Warrior is set on Scandinavia of the 9th Century, precisely at the Viking Era. It is a work that lives up to the theme, therefore, it encompasses not only the most remarkable mythical characteristics but also the brutalities inherent to the Norse of that time, as well as science, philosophy and diversity, peculiarities not common to this genre of literature.


      Paulo Marsal, the author, manages to exchange legendary figures from the Scandinavian like Ragnar Lodbrok and the fictional characters as the central one, Oluap of Nordvestland. Both are inserted in the same pseudo-reality, where Oluap succeeds the King Ragnar. Its aim to unify the people of the North and later transform the imaginary kingdom of Sørligard into an empire and thus dominate the world.


      However, in this first book of the series, the reader can participate into the protagonist's life, from the birth until the beginning of the northern territories unification process and therefore delighting in some words of the viking vocabulary, while still appreciating, abnormal situations if compared with our daily life, added to the rich historical redemptions.


      Oluap, the Warrior is a good source of entertainment; loaded with insightful reflections on the part of the central characters. A work that has wonderful illustrations that undoubtedly give readers greater immersion into the romance context.

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