In the second volume of the thrilling trilogy about the great deeds of Oluap, the Warrior, the people of Sørligard unite under the command of their King to go to war against Earl Møller of Torgar, in order to unite the land.

The battles are intense and bloodshed can't be avoided, but Oluap's determination to begin a new Viking Era is undefeatable, even after his trusted friend Erik, the Red, is forced to leave on a journey with his family to discover new land and find a new home.

Read this book to learn more about the Viking culture while accompanying Oluap as he deals with treason, the stubbornness of his heir, a new love, and the hardships of war.

Oluap, the unification cover
King Oluap
King Ragnar and Jarl Oluap
The battle of the century


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