The Oluap Viking Saga tells the Oluap of Nordvestland's story, from his inception, through its conviviality with the legendary Ragnar Lodbrok, until his death. However, the first two volumes of this trilogy (Oluap, the Warrior and Oluap, the unification) chronicles his rise to be a king and later the union of the northern territories from the Viking era, around the imaginary Kingdom of Sørligard.

This epic is watered by bloody battles, which undoubtedly make it fun and, why not, exciting? In addition to the numerous disputes, there are also mysticism, history, philosophy, sex and comic situations that take readers back to the 9th century, in a time where life or death were always on the line.

The fictional novels are ineffable sources of culture and entertainment, indispensable to those who look for literature of action and quality, even more if added to the elaborate way of writing of the author Paulo Marsal, who guarantees to the fans of the genre, satisfaction and leisure. 

ISBN: 978-85-67070-06-3

The fictional romance Oluap, the Warrior is set on Scandinavia of the 9th Century, precisely at the Viking Era. It is a work that lives up to the theme, therefore, it encompasses not only the most remarkable mythical characteristics but also the brutalities inherent to the Norse of that time, as well as science, philosophy and diversity, peculiarities not common to this genre of literature.

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ISBN: 978-85-67070-38-4

In the second volume of the thrilling trilogy about the great deeds of Oluap, the Warrior, the people of Sørligard unite under the command of their King to go to war against Earl Møller of Torgar, in order to unite the land.

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