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We are the Publisher House registered under de Editorial Prefix: 81252 and the Management and Marketing Consultancy enroled under CNPJ: 35.663.864/0001-78.

Despite the fact the social objetives are distincts, we can unify expertise and excelency conquisted during editorial tasks and among the use of management and marketing skills. So, as a Publisher we can analize the necessary criterias to the mixelanius of knowledge areas as the academic, scientific, literancy and jornalistic.


In the Management and Marketing Consultancy, we try to purpose clean and smart soluctions to improve the success of our customers or, if necessary, interact in specific situations, witch need accured strategies, working side by side with the stakeholders and then, amplifying their vision in order to reduce the risks and to use the oppotunities.

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Enroled under the CNPJ: 35.663.864/0001-78, IE:128201172111 and owner of the Editorial Prefix: 82525, the Viking Books Brazil (Livros Vikings Editora Ltda.) is under the law registred and credencied to act as publisher and trader of books and magazines in Brazilian Territory.

To send your originals, the text may be formated under the rules of ABNT and must be directioned to the e-mail Until 10 business days, a feedback about the publishing possibility and also a techinical analize will be available. The positive and negative points of the future book and a commercial proposal will send too.


The totality of the Viking Books publications have access: cover creation, ISBN, Catalog (CIP), Thechinical and Textual Review, diagramation, ads, release event and trade — in our website, partners and into the main e-commerce worldwide platforms as Americanas, Carrefour, Amazon, Wish etc.



· Primebid (Service Hub)

  Growth Marketing;

· Spartan Group (Varieties)

  Digital Marketing.

· UNIP (University)

  Educational Marketing;

· Polo UNIP Ourinhos (University)

  Educational and Inbound Marketing;

· Modelo Design (Art School)

  Digital Marketing;

· Dialógica Editora (Publisher)

  Website and Visual Identity;


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